Sunday, 28 October 2012

Animal Drawings

These are some more images of animals I have drawn.  Whilst my theme for my final degree show is called Animal Kingdom and I initially started drawing animals that you would typically find in a zoo,  I thought I could expand on this so that I could potentially have a few different collections.  As well as using different colour palettes,  this could also include domestic animals such as cats and dogs, as well as birds and butterfly's.

Plant Cut Work

These are two images of cut work I have done, taken from drawings of plants and flowers that I can use  for the plant and flower element of my jungle theme.  I could develop these further by producing cut outs from other plants and flowers, changing the colour and and even scan them in and use them on photoshop and/or illustrator. 

Claire Coles

These are some images of Claire Cole's work.  The collaged, stitched animals, birds and butterfly's are pieces of work that are related to the theme that I am using.  Whilst I wont be using the stitched work like Claire has done, I like the effect it gives and the way the fabric and papers are used and layered.  Some of the work that I have done and would like to continue with are of drawings with loose, black lines around them which relate to the pieces that Claire has produced but she has used stitch.  The idea of having things layered and coming off the page to make it 3d is also something I find effective.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Inspiring Wallpapers


Harlequin at John Lewis

Roll Up, Roll Up by Kate Usher

These are some wallpapers that I came across and found inspiring and interesting. Most of them include something that is linked to my theme and whilst the Harlequin one doesn't, I like the quirky style that the houses are drawn in and the use and placement of colour.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Lizard And Butterfly

These are a couple of images I have produced as part of my research and development for my animal kingdom theme.  I have decided to try and bring in some other animals such as the lizard and also the likes of birds and butterfly's and perhaps even domestic animals in to the animal part.  Whilst I have tried the spotty background before, it was with a parrot and it worked quite well so I wanted to try it with other animals like the lizard to see if it would work.  Mixing different animals such as their print like that from a leopard with other animals is another idea to progress so I tried using the idea in the form of collage and combine it with jungle shaped plants.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Angie Lewin Style Plant

Whilst out walking with the family this afternoon, I came across this plant which reminded me of Angie  Lewin's style of drawing and the plants that she has done.  I thought it would be a great bit of research to use towards my jungle plant drawings.

This is one of Angie Lewin's prints that I thought I would share and to show the similarities.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Jungle Plant Drawings, Paintings & Collages

These are some images that I have done to create and develop some ideas to use for my Animal Kingdom theme.  I started off drawing from an image from a book called Textile Designs by Susan Mellar and Joost Effers.  I then developed the drawings by changing the media, scale and colour way and also by focusing on a certain bit of the drawing.  These are four images that I have drawn or painted and developed by altering the media etc.  I feel that certain pieces that I have done work better than others and will continue to use these to help get to my final ideas and designs.

GNCCF 2012

Clare Hartley Ceramics

Holly Levell

Rosie's Armoire

Kirsty Pearson Jewellery

Kirsty Pearson Jewellery



Chrissy Silver

Liliane Taylor

Lucy Anne Harding

These are some images from a number of different designers that were exhibiting at The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester and who's work I found inspiring and enjoyed seeing.  I particularly found Kaper's paper sculptures fascinating along with the style of Kirsty Pearson's drawing of her jewellery and Lucy Anne Harding's textile illustrations.

Butterfly Wallpaper

Butterfly Wallpaper
By Damien Hirst

This is an image I took of Damien Hirst's Butterfly wallpaper.  I had managed to book an appointment towards the end of last year with Christine Wood's, the wallpaper curator at Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester.  I got to see the wallpaper archives whilst I was there as well as ask Christine any questions whilst she talked through some of the wallpapers.