Sunday, 12 May 2013

Final Wallpaper Pieces

I wanted to show the three handmade wallpapers and hangings when they were completed.  By hanging them up, it shows how effective the pieces are.  Looking at the pieces before everything was put together or whilst they were lay flat,  you couldn't full see how effective they were.  Once they were hung up, you could then see the look and feel that I wanted to create. 

Lined Drawings Of Animals For Final Wallpaper Pieces

These are black and coloured line drawings of animals and birds drawn on tracing paper and are drawings that I wanted to use for my final wallpaper pieces.  They would be combined with drawings, paintings and collaged leaves to create an animal kingdom.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Business Card

Front And Back



These are some shots of my business card.  I wanted to have a simple, clean, crisp look whilst still using  some of my drawings, cut outs and textured work.  The green and red of the parrot are also part of my colour palette and I wanted to bring some of that colour in and have it on the business card so that it completed the look and the link to my theme.