Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dunham Massey

Sunday 22nd July
After staying at my sister's house on the Saturday evening, we decided to go to Dunham Massey the following morning.  I hadn't been for a few years & it was somewhere that my parents used to take me, my brother & sister as young children.  This time it was me, my boyfriend (his first visit), my sister, her boyfriend & their little boy/my nephew who is 20 months old that paid a visit.  

It was a really nice, warm day with the sun shining down on us as we strolled around enjoying the sights.  My nephew loves being outside & it was great to see him running around & enjoying himself although the occasional asking of 'up' from him meant he wanted to be carried & have a little rest before  he carried on with his walks & runs....
When we first got in to the grounds, the Deer were all happily grazing in the sunshine & were quite happy with people watching them & taking photos.  I thought I would take a few myself & share them with you....  It also comes in handy for my module at Uni as my theme is animals!

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